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The "N" Buds

The Naox "N" Buds are designed to create a dialogue between the patient and his / her doctor.

The device collects raw EEG data from the patient, while the Software Assistant makes the signal readable by the treating physician and assists in the analysis.


Up to 40 000x signal amplification without getting any noise

12 h

Up to 12 hours of EEG recording time on one charge

6 h

Up to 6 hours of listening time on one charge

The miniaturized design of sensors make it as the lightest medical grade solution integrated on earbuds today. 

We’ve cleared the way to make the EEG data recordings clean in every condition and make it the interpretable by Physicians thanks to the embedded algorithms and the clear technology tuned by our engineers to limit artifacts. 

The clean aesthetic and the minimal design makes it comfortable for everyone, whatever your age and your style.


Noise Canceling.


A Software Designed for Patients and Physicians

From Patients and The Neuroscience Community 

What they're saying

Clementine Fremy

The exceptional innovation that every epileptic has been waiting for for years, an ingenious concept with a concrete future.

Dr. Gilles Huberfeld

This project marks a turning point in EEG's history by offering concrete solutions for patients and new possibilities for the study of brain activity.

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